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2021 Was another great year for the Renati Group; but whereto in 2022? – By Stevie Ferreira


2021 was a great year for the Renati Group. Fuel sales volume increased with just over 50%. We reached our goal for breaking 50m litres fuel sales and distribution in a calendar month in October 2021. This is a remarkable feat from the humble beginning of 15 000L in the first month of operation in 2008. Where in the past the biggest volume growth came from the small operator or business, the 2021 growth was driven by the big and corporate customers. Bigger businesses found the comprehensive management functionality offered by the Renati software and the ability to share data with customer business systems a very effective and improved method to monitor and manage commercial fleet refuelling. The option and ability to place consignment stock with our suppliers resulted that customer pricing is aligned with the best discounts in the market.


2022 allows the group to build on and take advantage of the market opportunities created through the digital strategies implemented and partner relationships established over the past 3-4 years. Our partnership with Standard Bank now opens a huge opportunity to sell to businesses that requires account terms. Our various partnerships with the telematics service providers opens a new realm for functionality that will offer more secure transaction processing, automated fuel ordering based on a planned route, data analysis and AI. Our planned platinum supplier network will guarantee customers a superior on-road service. The Bauzer marketplace is introduced to the SA market and will change the way COC customers buys fuel. Expansion of the platform to Zimbabwe and Zambia is already in progress. Our Wholesale Management Software is released in March and offers fuel wholesalers the first comprehensive wholesale administration and management software functionality to administer and manage fuel wholesale sales and purchases. Moneyit, our digital platform facilitating funding for the SMME’s is launching mid-year and will be a game changer in SME funding sector. Add to it our investment and partnership in the development of a digital commercial platform for the freight forwarding sector with a successful player in the business and we are geared and positioned for major growth and expansion in 2022.

There is a lot of seed in the ground and hence we expect to reap a great harvest. Our vision from the outset to become a dominant and major player in the market will come to fruition this year. The commercial petroleum market dynamics and future is busy changing very quickly and Renati group is perfectly positioned to take big advantage of it. Our digital strategy vision and implementation we started in 2018 has really come to maturity in 2021. The impact and changes covid brought to the business sector has hastened implementation of functionality planned for 2-3 years later. Going completely cardless for all purchase transactions in TruckFuelNet in 2021 is a good example.

Image showing growth

On the social economic front, the group now sponsor over 80 under privileged school children with a daily school break lunch. We also sponsor a ministry working in the schools with troubled children and having 10 weekend camps a year with them. Over 70 000 copies of TFN Fuel for the Day have been distributed to truck drivers in Southern Africa. To increase our involvement in changing people’s lives we have now appointed a full time and dedicated person to run the social economic programs and involvement of the group.


I cannot conclude without giving thanks and gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father for the abundant blessings and favour bestowed on the group’s business. What we have, we do, we create and deliver all comes from God, hence all the honour and glory is given to Him. It remains our goal and purpose to build and expand our business for His glory.

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