TruckFuelNet and Standard Bank set to disrupt the South African market

Two of South Africa’s biggest players in the freight logistics market have gone into partnership to produce a new digital solution that is set to dramatically impact the long haul industry in Southern Africa. The collaboration between Standard Bank Fleet Management and TruckFuelNet (TFN) will bring together real time refuelling management and the best in on road diesel discounts and driver costs management.

Digitalization in logistics – A user’s experience

In some cultures, children are sometimes named after events that would have taken place close to or during their birth. Jokes around naming children Quarantine Buthelezi, Social-distance Moyo, or Pandemic Ndlovu, were circulating in 2020 and made for a good laugh, however, one couple in India took this a little too seriously and named their twin boy and girl, Corona and Covid.

Quality Fuel – Numerous Depots Have Been Tested – by Greg Salzwedel

All fuel that we uplift from the oil company refineries undergo extensive QC processes before being released – one of these tests is specifically the HFRR test referred to in the attached article to test for lubricity. The current SANS 342 specifications laid down for diesel fuel quality in RSA will conform to the internationally accepted benchmarks for both HFRR and a myriad of other criteria, some of which are outlined in the basic fuel test results reflected later in this email. The HFRR test is unfortunately very expensive and only the refineries/fuel producers have the sophisticated equipment required to test it, so it is not a common test that is done when checking fuel quality.

The Year 2020/21 – By Stevie Ferreira

“The year 2020 will remain in our thoughts for a very long time, although for the right or wrong reasons. For some it represents a very sad story; for others it was a very inconvenient year; and then there is the group for which it was the year of opportunity! At Renati we had a combination of all of the above, however, with an intentional attitude of looking where the opportunity is in this storm, rather than an attitude to protect and survive the storm, we end the year stronger than before Covid 19. As they say, ” in every failure or storm there is a seed of success and peace”.

The Story Of TFN – By Stevie Ferreira

In 2006 I realised that there was an opportunity to create a more modern on-road service product for the transport industry, out of which TFN was born. Oil majors, who controlled the market at that time, did nothing new and it was business as usual. It took me 18 months to develop the base software before we could take the product to market. Against all odds, and many-many people – even the suppliers I approached told me that it will not work and that I am insane to think transporters will pay cash for diesel. The business commenced in April 2008. We did 14,842 L the first month with 3 suppliers and 2 clients. In August 2020 we broke through a significant barrier, 20 million litres in one month!