Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey

NAVIGATING THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY by Marnus De Vries Head of Communication and Business Efficiency Introduction In the previous article, we introduced the concept of digital transformation in the transportation industry and outlined TFN’s vision for embracing this change. As we continue our exploration of digital transformation, we will delve deeper into the challenges and opportunities…

The Story Of TFN – By Stevie Ferreira

In 2006 I realised that there was an opportunity to create a more modern on-road service product for the transport industry, out of which TFN was born. Oil majors, who controlled the market at that time, did nothing new and it was business as usual. It took me 18 months to develop the base software before we could take the product to market. Against all odds, and many-many people – even the suppliers I approached told me that it will not work and that I am insane to think transporters will pay cash for diesel. The business commenced in April 2008. We did 14,842 L the first month with 3 suppliers and 2 clients. In August 2020 we broke through a significant barrier, 20 million litres in one month!