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Linebooker and TruckFuelNet (TFN) Partner To Boost The Largest Online Logistics Marketplace In Southern Africa

Linebooker, the leading transport platform in Southern Africa, has partnered with TFN, the leading fuel platform in Southern Africa. This partnership was created to offer all businesses access to diesel and simultaneously enhance cash flow and help transporters to better serve customers on the Linebooker platform.

Both businesses have aligned values and the strategic focus to create technology driven online networks where all players in the logistics industry can seamlessly transact on a transparent basis. This provides the transport market with an effective solution to move goods, as well as providing refuelling or on road services to transport companies.

This offers all transporters access to diesel and simultaneously enhances cash flow:

  • Ability to refuel on credit via Linebooker enabled credit on your TFN account
  • Immediate access via Linebooker’s online platform
  • Live view of TFN’s 110+ fuelling depots, enabling drivers to plan routes and refuel at the lowest cost

Who is Linebooker?

Linebooker is South Africa’s first and largest online transport platform that allows customers to connect with the largest fleet in SA – more than 261 major transport companies and over 11600 trucks – within 30 minutes.Current customers include some of South Africa’s major blue-chip companies and brands, mega farmers, and mining businesses.

Who is TFN?

TFN is the largest independent commercial fuel provider in Southern Africa with an annual turnover of more than 180 Million Litres. Leading the way with tech innovations, the most competitive pricing and the real time TFN management system allowing for real time fuel orders and reporting. TFN is a subsidiary of The Renati Group.

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This post and content is sponsored, written and provided by Linebooker.

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