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The Story Of TFN – By Stevie Ferreira

In 2006 I realised that there was an opportunity to create a more modern on-road service product for the transport industry, out of which TFN was born. Oil majors, who controlled the market at that time, did nothing new and it was business as usual. It took me 18 months to develop the base software before we could take the product to market. Against all odds, and many-many people – even the suppliers I approached told me that it would not work and that I was insane to think transporters would pay cash for diesel. The business commenced in April 2008. We did 14,842 L in the first month with 3 suppliers and 2 clients. In August 2020 we broke through a significant barrier, 20 million litres in one month! We are now the biggest independent service provider in South Africa, an accomplishment I am immensely proud of.

The desire and drive in the business originated from a decision I took in 2000 to become everything God purposed me to be. To build a business with excellence and a business that could be a blessing to all its employees, customers, and suppliers. We were placed on earth to be a blessing to others; to bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ in everything we do. Everything on this earth is about people! TFN does not have a team of intellectuals! Three of the staff I met in prison through the prison ministry I was involved with; two others worked at the golf club I play at; one was a security guard and a few came out of broken marriages and desperate living conditions. But they all had two things in common; a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Today they are all either managers or senior employees in TFN. Our employees are the best-paid people in their positions in the country. I believe that people make a company and that each employee who contributes to the well-being of the business must share in the spoils. I credit the success of TFN to the contributions of its employees. The attributes of a TFN employee is their positive attitude, the spirit of excellence, and loyalty. There is continuous excitement and a drive towards planning how we can service our customers and suppliers better. We keep challenging ourselves how we can offer more to help our customers and how we can improve our standards. Happy employees – happy people! To have a happy employee, happy customer, and happy supplier is much more important to me than having millions in the bank! Money is the reward of doing business with excellence. Strive for excellence and financial success will follow.

I was always looking at ways to have a positive impact on the ecosystem we operate. So with that in mind, in 2012 we introduced a booklet called: TFN Fuel for the Day; a daily devotion for truck drivers with a message of encouragement and a short prayer, giving fuel for the challenges people face every day. To date, we have distributed over 60,000 of the booklets with life-changing and lifesaving testimonies from truck drivers, their families, and operators. This had such an impact on the transport community that we now decided to expand our engagement through Fuel for the Day to a full-time ministry, intending to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the transport industry and to offer financial support to those in need. The focus is on drivers losing a job and families without food. It will be known as “The Well”. The ministry will be run separately through a PBO with dedicated professional people running it. We believe that this will grow into a conduit for all transport organizations that want to join us to make the world and especially the transport industry a better place. All we can leave behind on earth is a legacy – I decided that my legacy will not be one of a selfish life but a legacy of being a blessing to others and improving the lives of others. The story will not be complete without giving honour and gratitude to more than 900 TFN customers and our 100+ suppliers. Without you, there would be no business! We would not be able to be the blessing we are too many if it wasn’t for you! It is therefore fitting to close my story of TFN with a huge THANK YOU to all the TFN customers and suppliers. My dreams for the future of TFN are much bigger than our past accomplishments! So be ready, there are big things installed for TFN customers!

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